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Travel Diary Oahu , Hawaii

Travel Diary Oahu , Hawaii

Alohaaaa my beautiful people ! This blog is long overdue I know , life has been pretty busy lately.I am still working on the video travel diary which will be available soon , I want it to be perfect which is why I am taking my time hehe. Thank you to everyone who read and watched my Ritz Carlton blog. You guys are the best and if you haven’t you can read it by clicking here. Also, you are always welcome to leave your feedback below in the comments , I would love to see what you guys think.

Anyways all that aside let me take you on a beautiful journey to one of the incredibly beautiful places on this earth Hawaii! Hawaii is made up of 8 Islands , my husband and I visited Maui for our honeymoon ( read it here ) which is known as “The Valley Isle,” and is the second largest Hawaiian island.It is a recommended Island for honeymooners because its less noisy and has a secluded feel to it. This time for our 5th year engagement anniversary , we visited Oahu which is known as the “Heart of Hawaii”. It is the third largest Hawaiian island and is home to the majority of Hawaii’s diverse population, different cultures and also home to the state capital of Hawaii, Honolulu.

So , it was our first time leaving Azlan with my parents for more then 1 day, so I was kind of worried how he will react. He was only 6 months ,turned out he doesn’t care about me lol jk but he enjoyed staying with my parents and didn’t give them a hard time at all but since it was his first time without us, we did keep our trip short to 3-4 days.My husband surprised me with the tickets a few days before and asked me to create a little itinerary of the places I would like to see. Shaka Oahu app is a great way to have a to go driving map of all the tourist spots.It uses your location to let you know about all the interesting spots as you drive around. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to create an itinerary, I would definitely recommend this.

So there are two sides to the Island .. Waikiki,Honolulu has all the city views and North Shore has all the natural landscapes. Both sides are short drives away from each other and are amazing in their own ways so do plan to see both. We rented our car from Hertz , definitely recommend renting a car because you get to stop and explore on your own whenever you want, which is what exploring is all about.

All Images © 2014-2017 Naila Kanwal .

“If You Want To Share Please Give Credit With The Picture Or Ask For Permission. Thankyou”

Leaving From DFW Airport

“If you are wondering about using your DSLR during your flight, this should give you the answer.”

” 8 hour non-stop flight from DFW Airport , finally arriving over the Islands of Hawaii “

Views Of Downtown Honolulu From Our Hotel The Ritz Carlton Waikiki


Breath taking lookouts of Oahu are definitely a must see when visiting the Island. These lookouts aren’t just beautiful but some of them have plenty of history behind them as well.

Nu‘uanu Pali Lookout 

” It does get very windy up here so hold on tight to your stuff & your wife lol :p “

Tantalus Lookout

 “So this lookout is what I considered my win win view instead of doing the Diamond Head hike.”

Puʻu ʻUalakaʻa State Wayside

“Keep driving up once you arrive at Tantalus Lookout & You’ll end up at this beautiful sight”

” Hi Hunny <3 _ <3 “

Hālona Blowhole Lookout

 If you are in Oahu and don’t come here , you really missed out. The Hālona Blowhole is one of Hawaii’s natural wonders , the sea water comes gushing out in the air through the rock formation created thousand of year ago by volcanic eruptions.  It was definitely very windy when we were there, I am not sure what its usually like and it also started raining again so yeah bummer because my photographs came all blurry.This blowhole not only offers great views of the ocean but the Koko Crater is located right behind it as well. The Halona Beach Cove is located right underneath it as well , one of Hawaii’s iconic beaches.

” Then came the rainbow “

Sunset View

We were told by one of the staff of Ritz Carlton to stop by this lookout on our way back from the Halona blowhole. it doesn’t really have a name but it was near Hanauma Bay. You ‘ll see cars parked in the lookout parking and thats just how we found it and enjoyed the sunset.

Makapuu Lookout 

Definitely another must see , plenty of parking and beautiful views. Great place to view humpback whales if you come in winter.


Manoa Falls Trail

I really wanted to do a hike this time in Hawaii but because I had never hiked before. Since I had developed back pain after my pregnancy I wasn’t too sure if I would be able to do it. Its not everyday that you get to go to Hawaii , so I really didn’t want to have any regrets. I decided to go for it and after some research decided to choose between Manoa Falls or The Diamond Head Crater. Obviously, Majority of people go for the Diamond Head because it is the most popular attraction/hike of Oahu. I read that you get really sweaty and you have to leave early morning otherwise it gets very crowded. I absolutely hate crowds ! When I think of Hawaii, I think of peace , nature , relaxation and none of that crowd, sweaty business.

Both hikes are 0.8 miles (one way) both are estimated to take about 2 hours but if you are in good health it wont take two hours. It took my husband and I barely 25 min to get to the fall. Elevation change for Manoa Trail – 800 ft vs Diamond Head 560 ft. I went for Manoa Falls because its surrounded in nature and I get a view of the beautiful fall up close , I wasn’t really interested in the views offered by the diamond head which I got to see through another place anyway without doing that hike so win win for me. ( I ‘ll talk about that next ) Another reason I chose this trail was because some of the scenes from one of my favorite show Lost were shot here .

We arrived around 9:00 AM , parked our car in the parking lot . There is a guy walking around to whom you have to pay the money for parking.(Cash) I believe it was 5-10$ , don’t remember for sure. Then you have to walk up to the entrance and begin your journey. God really wanted me to have the full nature experience , it started sprinkling lightly as we began and ahhh the fresh air , muddy trail, sounds of birds chirping and water stream , absolutely beautiful. Make sure you have proper clothes and sturdy sneakers on , a light jacket and plenty of water bottles. The trail does get muddy and slippery specially if its rainy , you never know when it’ll start raining.There are some steep slopes along the way ,  better to take it slow and grab on to the giant rocks to climb.


“The Banyan Tree”

    Charlie from Lost was hanged at the Banyan Tree in episode 1.11 “All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues”

( Plenty of other scenes were shot here , this is just one example )


“The earlier you go the lesser the crowd and more enjoyable for you”

Other Hiking Spots To Consider

  1. Koko Head
  2. Diamond Head
  3. Makapuu Lighthouse
  4. Waimea Falls
  5. Maunawili Falls
  6. Haiku Stairs – Stairway to Heaven ( Illegal & Closed to public for now )

Kualoa Ranch

So here I go another location that I wanted to visit because “Lost” was shot here.heheh But hey even if you have never heard of the show or you just don’t like for some weird reason like my husband Ahem.. This has been THE LOCATION for plenty of your favorite movies and tv series such as Jumanji, 50 First Dates, Jurassic Park etc. Plenty of things to do here , they have got tour packages for you to choose from and plenty of activities as well. Do keep the opening hours in mind before you go and plan ahead, you might want to spend a whole day here who knows. 😉

( of course I was searching for my losties 😀 )

” Some of these horses have been in movies “

“View of Chinaman’s Hat from the ranch”

Ahupua’a O Kahana State Park

Well we just landed on this gem randomly but I loved it because no one was here. I love it when there is nobody else at the beach but me lol Its peaceful and hey I even found something that looked like a coconut maybe it was but I am unsure. Even-though the pictures look gloomy because of the cloudy and rainy weather , I still think it was amazing and breathtaking.

“one of my favorite pictures , taken on our drive back from the beach”


The North Shore

The north shore is your destination to get out of the city life and enjoy a gorgeous scenic drive in the north side of Oahu. We actually went for Manoa Falls hike first and then left for the north shore drive right after. You ‘ll just have to stop and see everything that will come your way. Plenty of beaches , farmer’s markets and activities to do here . If you are planning for some activities such as diving with sharks ( you know you want to ) hehe so search and call ahead of time to confirm your booking.

” Stopped here to take a lunch break and sip on that yummy fresh organic Hawaiian Coconut “

Turtle Beach” at Laniakea.

You ‘ve just got to stop by and meet these cuties .

“please follow the rules and do not touch them. Let them enjoy as well.”

  • “Other location to view turtles will be at Kaena Point side of Ali’i Beach Park ( Haleiwa )”

Sunset Beach

“Known for big waves surfing”

” how sweet is my husband ya’ll …. thanks hun” 😀



Doraku Izakaya and Sushi

Located inside the Royal Hawaiian Center , pretty nice staff and great tasting food.

Bombay Palace

Located on Ala Moana Blvd in heart of Waikiki. We walked from our hotel Ritz Carlton instead of driving and it was definitely a good idea to walk but not so much after eating though haha. I don’t know why for some reason every time I have eaten Desi food in Hawaii, It has been AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. That should just some it up for you , obviously its Hawaii so its a bit on the pricy side side but totally worth it.Yummmmyyy!!


The Ritz-Carlton Spa was completely booked for the time we were there , So we decided to go to a different one. The concierge at Ritz-Carlton recommended and booked us with Spa Lather at the Modern Honolulu. Great environment and staff,I decided to get the LOMI-LOMI Massage + The hot stone therapy . The lady that worked with me was wonderful and understanding specially because I told her about my back pain after pregnancy. Therefore she paid extra attention to my back, definitely worth the money,


The best spot in Oahu to snorkel is Hanauma Bay located on the southeast coast. We couldn’t go because of the rainy and chilly weather but that is definitely a recommended place to visit. Parking is limited and there is a fee , best thing to do is leave early as possible. It is closed on Tuesday because they like to give the reef some break.


So thats it for now. Watch my Oahu Travel Diary Video Below.



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Thanks for reading you guys !

All images © 2014-2017 Naila K


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